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MTU 12V 4000 M73 for sale

MTU 12V 4000 M73 for sale, Here you will find MTU diesel engines listed for sale. Click on the engine you are interested in, More than 20 Years Experience in Diesel and Gas Generators!

MTU 12V 4000 M73 for sale with Typical examples
Engine Model                              12V 4000 M73
Rated power ICFN    kW (bhp)              1920 (2575)
Speed               rpm                   1970
Bore/Stroke      mm (in)                  170/190 (6.7/7.5)
Overall displacementl (cu in)             51.7 (3155)
Flywheel housing                          SAE 00
Gearbox  type                             ZF 7600
Optimization of exhaust emissions         IMO/EPA 2

MTU 12V 4000 M73 for sale with Standard Equipment
Starter                           24V electric starter, 2-pole
Oil system                        Integral lube-oil pump; automatic oil filter, centrifuge, lube oil heat exchanger, pump for oil extraction
Fuel system                       Fuel delivery pump, fuel duplex filter (switchable), Common Rail injection system with HP pump, pressure
                                  accumulator and electronic injection with cylinder cutout, jacketed HP fuel lines, flame-resistant hoselines,
                                  leak-fuel tank with level monitoring, fuel conditioning system

Cooling system                    MTU split-circuit cooling system, map-controlled coolant thermostats, raw water-cooled engine coolant-plate-
                                  core heat exchanger, self-priming raw water centrifugal pump, engine coolant circulating pump, raw water
                                  connection for  gear oil cooling, flame-resistant hoselines and rubber bellows

Combustion air system             Water-cooled charge-air pipework, coolant temperature controlled intercooler, sequential turbocharging. with 2
                                  water-cooled turbochargers, seawater-repellent intake air filter on engine with integral intake air silencer
Exhaust system                    Triple-walled, liquid-cooled, exhaust manifolds on engine, exhaust bellows, exhaust outlet from horizontal  30°upwards
Engine mounting                   Resilient mounts
Power transmission                Torsionally-resilient couplings with offset compensation
Auxiliary PTO                     Generator 120A, 28V, 2-pole
Engine management                 Engine control and monitoring system (ADEC), interface to gearbox controller, interface to remote control and
                                  monitoring system, local operating panel (LOP), fuel consumption display
                                  Engine interface module - EiM, engine mounted
Engine safety system              The scope of delivery for the engine fulfills SOLAS requirements for admissible surface temperature without
                                  additional insulation   

MTU 12V 4000 M73 for sale with Optional Equipment
Starter                           Air starter
Oil  system                       Oil level monitoring, automatic oil replenishment, main bearing and conrod bearing temperature monitoring
Cooling system                    Engine coolant preheater
Exhaust  system                   Exhaust outlet vertically up
Auxiliary PTO                     Auxiliary PTO free crankshaft end
Engine management                 Extension as per classification society specifications
Monitoring and control system     MTU MCS Monitoring and Control Systems, RCS Remote Control Systems
Gearbox options                   Various marine reduction-reversing gears, electrically actuated, rigid or resilient gearbox mounting , drive for
                                  hydraulic pump on drive or intermediate shaft, Trolling system, under tow oil pump, propeller shaft flange

Classification                    ABS, BV, CCS, CR, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA including necessary extensions to the scope of delivery

MTU 12V 4000 M73 for sale
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MTU 12V 4000 M73 for sale