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The lowest-consumption engines mtu series 460

There’s the efficient fuel consumption of mtu series 460, which are among the lowest-consumption engines on the market due to their second-generation common rail injection system and intelligent engine management. Optimized, efficient combustion and exhaust aftertreatment processes like SCR and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) mean that our diesel drives meet the widest range of emissions specifications up to EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 final.

Engine model         460 C
Rated power max.     335 (449)kW (bhp)           
Speed max.           1800rpm           
Exhaust emission     7,8

Dimensions and masses
Length (L)           mm (in)           1365 (53,7)
Width (W)           mm (in)           830 (32,7)
Height (H)           mm (in)           1110 (43,7)
Mass (dry)           kg (lbs)           920 (2030)

Engine main data
Bore/Stroke           mm (in)           128/166 (5/6,5)
Cylinder displacement           l           2,13
Displacement, total           l (cu in)     12,8 (781)
Rated power to DIN ISO 3046     IFN
Intake air temparature           25°C           
Site altitude above sea level     100m           
Barometric pressure           1000mbar

You can also depend on MTU with regard to mtu series 460 service: as a global partner, we will support you around the world with maintenance and spare parts – whenever and wherever you want.          

mtu series 460

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