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MTU 20V4000 C23L detailed parameters

MTU 20V4000 C23L detailed parameters

Engine model         MTU 20V 4000 C23L
Rated power max.     3000 (4023) kW (bhp)           
Speed max.           1800  rpm           
Exhaust emission     3
Dimensions and masses
Length (L)           mm (in)           3665 (144,3)
Width (W)           mm (in)           1590 (62,6)
Height (H)           mm (in)           2050 (80,7)
Mass (dry)           kg (lbs)           10700 (23590)

Engine main data
Bore/Stroke           mm (in)           170/210 (6,7/8,3)
Cylinder displacement     l                   4,77
Displacement, total     l (cu in)           95,4 (5822)
Rated power to DIN ISO  3046               ICFN
Intake air temparature     25°C           
Charge air coolant temperature           °C           Charge-air coolant temperature for SCCC engines on request

Site altitude above sea level           100m           
Barometric pressure                   1000mbar           

Diesel engines MTU 20V4000 C23L for industrial and mining applications with medium duty operation.

mtu 20v4000

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