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MTU diesel engines for sale

MTU diesel engines is used in many different fields. You can see many advertisements of MTU diesel engines for sale. Before we buy MTU diesel engines, we must identify the type of MTU diesel engines we need.

Reliable MTU diesel engines for sale
Reliable Engines for Construction Equipment and Industrial Applications
MTU offers an array of high-performance, economical diesel engines for construction equipment, deployment in ports, or for airport vehicles and ground equipment. Moreover, our engines have also proven themselves as drive systems for stationary applications and machines such as pumps and compressors.
Whether wheel loaders, haul trucks or roadbuilding equipment, mobile cranes, aircraft tractors, or container cranes, our wide range of engines, with outputs of 75 kW (Series 900) to 3,000 kW (Series 4000), MTU always has the perfect engine for your equipment. As a systems supplier, MTU’s integration expertise can provide you with a complete package that is optimally tailored to your needs – with both software and hardware. Various power take-off options for highly specialized applications offer even greater flexibility.
In order for our diesel drive systems to operate trouble-free even under extreme conditions, we test them again and again in continuous operation and with full loads in the heat, cold, and dust, as well as with frequent load changes. This ensures that our engines offer maximum availability.
In addition to their well-known longevity, low-maintenance construction and long service intervals also ensure their cost-effectiveness. They minimize expenses and downtime and ensure that all equipment is fully operational again in record time.
Then there’s the efficient fuel consumption of all MTU engines, which are among the lowest-consumption engines on the market due to their second-generation common rail injection system and intelligent engine management. Optimized, efficient combustion and exhaust aftertreatment processes like SCR and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) mean that our diesel drives meet the widest range of emissions specifications up to EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 final.
You can also depend on MTU with regard to service: as a global partner, we will support you around the world with maintenance and spare parts – whenever and wherever you want.

Mining MTU diesel engines for sale
MTU diesel engines are the standard in many mining applications around the globe. They reliably power vehicles for underground and opencast mining, including loading vehicles such as excavators and wheel loaders; transport vehicles such as haul trucks or blast hole drilling rigs; and other mining machines – diesel-mechanic, diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic.For these applications, MTU engines provide the highest performance, reliability and availability as well as a maintenance-friendly construction. On top of that, long service intervals and an efficient use of fuel provide for exceptionally low operating costs.

Marine MTU diesel engines for sale
Marine engines of MTU for commercial vessels
For decades, thousands of MTU diesel engines have been at sea, in rivers and lakes around the world. They perform reliably and efficiently as main or ancillary drive systems and provide energy as on-board power supply systems. Their performance, power and reliability has been proven time and time again. Their longevity is unmatched. Naturally, all MTU engines comply with the requirements of all relevant classification societies.As a system provider, MTU ensures consistent professional support – from conception through to construction and entry into service, including regular maintenance. We also provide local support, worldwide through MTU ValueCare, whenever and wherever you may need us.

MTU diesel engines for sale and Your benefits

Reliability, availability and maintenance-friendly design for minimal downtime
Low life cycle costs: effective operation, low fuel consumption, long service intervals
Full portfolio of MTU ValueCare products and services to maximize performance, uptime and longevity
Worldwide network of more than 1,200 service centers providing local and global support, worldwide – anywhere, anytime
Long-term product and customer support from one source
Environmental friendliness.

MTU diesel engines for sale

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