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MTU generator parts

The good operation of a MTU engine is inseparable from high-quality accessory support. MTU generator parts is the guarantee of MTU engine's long-term value. SCDC has a good partnership with German manufacturers, and the MTU generator parts from is designed, tested and approved for your diesel engine. High value MTU generator parts can make your engine achieve the best performance and extend the service life of your engine. After years of effort, the MTU generator parts provided by has a complete quality audit system, with a continuous improvement of the production system, and SCDC has a good relationship with many users of MTU engine.

Full and comprehensive life cycle support
The MTU generator parts here has a long life cycle, a strict quality system ensures the interests of the customer, and in the process of decades of use, the MTU generator parts has remained stable. Our team is very professional. On the premise of ensuring product quality, our MTU generator parts has a very high price advantage. No matter where you are, no matter what kind of MTU generator parts you need, our technical team can give the most suitable solution to allow your needs to be satisfied quickly.

High utilization and fast delivery
Our professional service team has always maintained high efficiency. As long as we give you the demand, we can send high quality MTU generator parts through efficient and stable logistics system to your hands. Rich experience, strong strength and strong technical accumulation make us have such ability.

MTU generator parts logistics center
We have built our own large warehouse, all kinds of MTU generator parts have a lot of storage, advanced warehouse storage system and efficient logistics system, so that our fast service system can be established to ensure the maximization of the interests of customers.
No matter what you need, you can rely on our quality., on, and need!

MTU generator parts

Operating Instructions Diesel Engines

Series 1600

Engine Type

Application Group

Material Number

6R 1600 G10F, G20F
6R 1600 G40F, G50F
6R 1600 G70F, G80F
6R 1600 G10S, G20S
6R 1600 G70S, G80S
6R 1600 B30S, B40S

3B Continuous operation - variable load


6R 1600 M20F
6R 1600 M20S

3A Continuous operation, unrestricted



2A, Continuous operation, unrestricted


12 V 1600 R50

2A Continuous operation - unrestricted


8, 10, 12 V 1600 G10F, G20F
8, 10, 12 V 1600 G10F, G20F
8, 10, 12 V 1600 G40F, G50F
8, 10, 12 V 1600 G70F, G80F
8, 12 V 1600 B30S     
8, 10 V 1600, B40S, B50F
12 V 1600, B40S
8, 10, 12 V 1600 G10S, G20S
8, 10, 12 V 1600 G70S, G80S

3B Continuous operation - variable load, 3D Short-time operation - fuel stop


12V 1600 A60, A70
12V 1600 C60, C70
12V 1600 A50, A60, A70
12V 1600 C50, C60, C70


5B Continuous operation - variable load